Do You Know Who Your “Real” Friends Are?


Friendships should be reciprocated for both men & women. Do you know who your real friends are? Are they there for you regardless of what is transpiring in your life or are they fair weather friends who just ride on your coat tails?  Women are great at forming their opinions on a man they are dating but sometimes neglect to have the same respect issues with their female friendships.

Occasionally in our lives we have to do a spring cleaning of  people, places & things that are not working anymore. It’s not a bad thing~ I look at it as a detox or cleanse of the soul. Many of us have been raised not to have expectations with people but I feel that is the reason we allow more one sided relationships into our lives than we should sometimes. If we don’t expect our partners, children or friends to reciprocate our kindness & love, how will we have a fulfilling relationship with them & them with us?


Children don’t respect parents who spoil them just as a lover doesn’t respect their partner when they are needy & weak. Love is a two way street where both people involved have equal time for each other. Unbalanced friendships always end up with someone falling off the teeter totter.

Friends come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.  Know who is there for the right reasons.

Susan McCord @

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