Do You Hang Around With Toxic People Who Bring you Down?

Do you do feel drained of energy after seeing certain people in your life? Is there more drama than good times when you are with them? Is it getting worse each time you meet up?

It is time to let go and move on to a healthier place where you can surround yourself with reciprocated friendships and warm and inviting family scenarios. When your life becomes filled with toxic conflict you need to re-evaluate who you allow into your world.

Many people think that just because they have known someone for 30 years that they have to put up with continual bad behavior from them.

You have a choice on who you allow into your life. There is no rule book that you have to follow.

If you don’t feel good around someone or you constantly feel attacked, ridiculed or beaten down, you can change that up by walking away from it.

Bring more positive scenarios towards you by removing those people who don’t support you or who don’t have your best interests at heart. You need to surround yourself with like-minded men and women who have a dedicated love and respect for each other.

Life is to short to put yourself in unhappy situations.  Healthy friendships should never be painful or full of rejection.  Setting healthy boundaries is very important.

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