Why do so many women want to look like a Barbie doll?

Dear Sybersue: Why Do So Many Women Try To Look Like a Barbie?

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Dear Sybersue,

I am sorry to write you sounding like a scorned guy stereotyping women into Barbie lookalikes or someone from the Housewives series, but someone has to say something! “I get it” that there is a ton of pressure on women to look good and that there are numerous procedures to combat aging, but seriously this is getting out of hand!

It’s one thing to start worrying about wrinkles at 40, but some women I have dated in their early 20s have been getting Botox treatments already! I don’t want a frozen-faced girlfriend, and I already have problems trying to figure out female emotions, but now I can’t even read their face to get any clue of what they are thinking!

Don’t even get me started about what women are doing with their over-enhanced lips! Why would a doctor even put his name on those disastrous clown mouths that he is creating? What many women don’t understand is they are all starting to look like clones of each other! With trending hairstyles and clothing to go along with these cosmetic addictions, it is starting to remind me of a Barbie play date that my sister used to have with her school friends.

I am an attractive, financially successful 34-year-old man who just wants to meet a natural woman who enjoys who she is, without having to spend her life savings on trying to be someone else. I know I sound like an asshole lumping women into this category, but I am frustrated with how many ladies are falling into this competitive trap of looking perfect! Not all men like the Kim Kardashian types! Yeah, it’s sad that I even know who she is, but that is because we all have to hear about her constantly!

I want to be in a committed relationship with someone who has a personality, likes to laugh, wants to go for long walks on the beach, (yes, I’m serious about that cliché line), and someone who is comfortable in her own skin.

Is that really a lot to ask?

Thanks Sybersue, Scott

Dear Scott,

Hi, and thanks for writing! This is such a great question, and I know you are speaking for lots of other guys out there who are also frustrated about this scenario. My first question to you is; are you attracted only to these high-maintenance women without realizing it? There are definitely women out there who are naturally pretty and don’t go crazy on cosmetic procedures, but sometimes our checklists have an unrealistic priority in “the looks department” so we subconsciously bypass these amazing ladies.

There are a lot of single men and women out there complaining about how difficult dating is, and there can be some desperate measures taken to look good and stand out! Competition is fierce, especially after 30! You are right that some women are taking things too far, and it is becoming an obsession rather than just a light anti-aging remedy. It can be a full-time job and costs a fortune to keep up with all these procedures. I still shake my head at how so many women seem to have the money to do this. (Saying that, I am sure many of them have an over-extended line of credit or maxed our credit cards; which is a very scary thing in many ways!)

Speaking of…

You mentioned that you are financially successful and attractive, which means you are going to attract many women towards you, especially the ones looking for a husband! You’re a catch and they know it. It is up to you who you allow into your circle, and it might be time to change that up in a big way. Try out different venues that are more low-key and less popular. Don’t hang out with the same high-rolling crowd all the time; that will draw more HM women than bees to a bee hive!


Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show

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