Dear Sybersue ~ Why Are There so Many High Maintenance Women Out There?

high maintanence women

Dear Sybersue,

I’m from the Bay and there are WAY too many freaking high maintenance girls out here. I understand some women are defensive for good reasons but many do it just to play games and act hard to get. It’s a complete power trip for them, especially the ones who are physically beautiful, they know they can push & manipulate any poor sucker they want. HM women will always be fit and stunning to look at, and act all sweet and innocent. Besides the beauty on the outside and avatar behavior, some are VERY rotten on the inside indeed. (My perfect enemy.) This is probably why many writers depict them as porcelain dolls ~ once the porcelain breaks you see what’s really underneath the mask metaphorically speaking.This is a person who is never satisfied with anything. Why is there so many women like this & how can we change this?


Dear Eddy,

I Love the metaphor…So I guess the real & honest answer here is; if men stop being attracted to these high maintenance women due to their looks, things would end up differently with their relationship choices & they wouldn’t be so frustrated in the dating scene. Men are very visual, which is the biggest lure to these women. It’s definitely a “catch 22” situation. Most “nice” women will not play these continual games, only HM women do. Part of the problem is that guys are drawn to them as they are so magnetically attracted to them, strictly on a physical level. They are not looking beneath the porcelain (to use your word.)

Men have to stop getting mad at women who manipulate them & get tougher on themselves for allowing it. There are plenty of guys who only go for the trophy wives to make themselves look better in their career or financial world. Their ego enjoys the envious looks of other men when they enter a room with a hot woman on their arm. Gold diggers wouldn’t be around if men didn’t engage in paying for them!They are allowing themselves to be spun into the HM trap. There are plenty of great women out there who may not be the perfect 10 and get overlooked continually. I see it all the time with women I know ~ it becomes a very lonely vicious circle of non-existent dates for many of them. If people keep complaining about the same thing over & over, maybe it’s time to change up the pattern and try something new. That goes for both sexes.

Thanks for writing Eddy ~ Sybersue


  1. these type of women will always be such Losers, since they don’t know how to Accept a man for who he is instead of looking for the Rich Man instead. a very good reason why many of us men can’t meet a real normal decent woman anymore today, and we are certainly not to Blame.

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