Dear Sybersue ~ Please Help Me I am Getting so Fed up With The Whole Dating Crap!


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Dear Sybersue,

I am writing in frustration due to the dating scenarios I have experienced this past year. First of all before I sound like some kind of high maintenance woman, I am very self sufficient and independent. I don’t need a man but I want a man to share my life with on all levels.

I am open to meeting men of all types but it seems I keep attracting the same guys with similar attitudes! I am friendly, have a great sense of humor; I am very outgoing and have no trouble holding an intelligent conversation. I am told I am very attractive and look younger than my 33 years. I have a job I love and make a very good salary. The problem I often encounter on the first few dates is with men bluntly pointing out who they think I am as a person. They try to squash my accomplishments or make sarcastic comments about how I am probably a “ball buster” and like to control men! Seriously who says crap like that? I am nothing but polite and receptive to these guys so why is this happening? *Please click on the link below to continue reading… 


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