Dear Sybersue Paperback Book is Now Published!

Dear Sybersue Paperback Book
Dear Sybersue Paperback Book

Hi everyone!

I have been working very hard this past year on my #ebook and I have now completed my #paperback book with double the original content! It has been approved for publishing! I am very excited to have made this happen! It is now available on numerous sites.

Here is a link at

Here is a link at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

I will be organizing a book launch in Vancouver and any other events that I can attend and will post the details on my facebook page and my other #socialmedia sites! #DearSybersue is a great read for both men & women of all ages!  There is something for everyone regardless of relationship or dating status!

Thank you to all of you who have kept me inspired over the years. I appreciate your “Likes,” your comments, your subscriptions, your questions and your support!

hugs always xo Susan (Sybersue)

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