Dear Sybersue ~ My boyfriend Left Me Without a Word & Now He Wants to Come Back!

After a breakup
After a breakup

Dear Sybersue,

I was dating this guy for a couple months and instead of telling me he needed a break he ignored me.  He has apologized and told me he wants to come back as a “friend”…

Should I let him back in?


Dear Ashley,

This guy sounds like he may only be interested when it suits him.  If a relationship is on the right path no one should need a break. Why would anyone need to remove themselves from someone they love?  This is a huge red flag when someone suggests this or ignores their partner in any form. I am glad to hear he apologized but does he want back into the relationship as a boyfriend, friends with benefits or just as a platonic friend? I am not clear on that from your question?

I am not an advocate of “on & off again” partnerships, but occasionally there is a valid reason why someone walked away & they deserve a second chance. You know in your heart if he is there for the right reasons. Listen to your instincts because they are seldom wrong.  Many people choose to ignore them because they want to believe something is there when it’s not. If we all listened to our gut whenever we felt that twinge, we would have so much less heartache throughout our lives. Remember that when a relationship is right, it isn’t that much work and there are very few questions. Putting in too much time with the wrong person can take away time from meeting the right person. You deserve real love in your life, always believe that.

Keep me posted & thank you for writing! I have included two videos I did on this subject that you may be interested in:


Wishing you love & happiness,  Sybersue



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