Dear Sybersue ~ How Do You Feel About Online Dating Vrs The Traditional Way?

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Dear Sybersue,

How do you feel about online dating vs. the traditional way?  Do you think social media sites have changed the way people date and is it a helpful thing or hurtful?

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Dear MMG,

That is a much more complicated a question than you know & it is not a one sentence answer that’s for sure. While I am an advocate for online dating, I am saddened by the demise of old fashioned hookups & by meeting each other out in a public environment or event. Technology has made us lazy & we don’t even have to leave our homes to “flirt” with someone anymore. The trouble is we don’t know who these potential dates really are until we meet them in person & literally watch their actions & behaviors.

People can waste a lot of time online with someone who has no intention of having a relationship ~ they’re just enjoying playing the game & seeing how many admirers they can get on their profile. (Of course I am generalizing as there are many people on dating sites for the right reasons as well.)

As much as social media has connected us world wide it has also slowed communications in the old fashioned natural way.  People are forgetting how to talk to each other. How often does your phone ring these days & don’t even talk about a residential phone! The only people calling your home are telemarketers or your grandparents!  Even I am guilty about not wanting to talk on the phone and prefer to text much of the time! It’s not about being lazy in my case but more about time management. This is not a good thing as we become much more reclusive talking to our computers & smart phones instead of real people connections.

If you use online sites in the right way to meet up with people or groups & are serious about finding a long term partner, it can be an amazing tool. I think it is especially wonderful for singles over 40 who have less venues to go to and have left the bar scene behind. There are many seniors who have been able to date again after losing a partner or a divorce which was difficult in the past. Where were they supposed to meet~ there are only so many seniors events. Online keyboard dating heart

In answer to your question MMG, it is always best to meet someone in a “face to face” environment and the most preferable method. Social media had made it possible to connect the easy way but it doesn’t show you the whole dimension of someone. “The eyes are the window to your soul” and tell a lot about a person which you can’t see from a computer dating profile. Don’t forget how to talk to people you come in contact with on a daily basis & keep the art of personal communication alive. We have the best of both worlds right now and need to use them both wisely!

Thanks for your Question <3


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