Dear Sybersue ~ Are Women Becoming More Sexually Experienced Than Men Today?

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Hi Sybersue,

I really liked your video about the double standards about the sexes. I do think things have changed though about casual sex. Me personally, I am just your average guy, with not so much charm. I have never been a player and I know for a fact that my past girlfriends had a lot more sexual experience than me and it never bothered me. I actually find it kind of hot. Do you think it’s becoming more normal today for a woman to have more sexual experience than the guy she ends up in a relationship with?

Thanks, Zack

Hi Zack,

Thanks for your message. I think that women today are definitely more experienced sexually than ever before. Part of the reason is that women have evolved on many levels over the last 50 years. It wasn’t that long ago that they were not allowed to vote & in many places in the world women are very much second class citizens.

There are so many online resources to help guide people who need knowledge in certain areas so women can refer to these websites/platforms anonymously & get all the information they need. In the past they were probably too embarrassed or not permitted to ask some of the questions they were curious about. It’s all available at the tips of our fingers today!

Women are the more emotional of the sexes as well so it is not surprising you have met women who are “literally” sexually in touch with themselves. Good for you to appreciate it & not be intimidated by them. That shows a wonderful maturity & acceptance on your part!

Statistically speaking, I am not sure whether many women have “more” sexual experience then men or not, but I do know that they are experimenting more now & sometimes with each other too.  The world has changed & we can always learn new things. Teachers come in all forms, which in my books is one of life’s great gifts that we should all welcome into our world. Being open minded & accepting of change will keep you on an innovative path. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to write.

Sybersue <3

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