Dating & Socializing In Vancouver

Breathtaking mountains surrounded by numerous beaches make Vancouver, British Columbia one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Numerous restaurants and coffee shops line the popular and trendy sections of the downtown core. There are approximately 2,500,000 million people living in the lower mainland of Vancouver of all ethnicities, which adds to the variations of excellent cuisine and culture!

Saying all that, the dating life in Vancouver is a conversation discussed regularly by the locals and visitors alike. (or lack of it!) What seems to be the problem?

Canadians can be more reserved than Americans or Europeans and for that reason alone, do not meet people as easily in their own city. Traveling Canadians are seen as friendly and have a wonderful reputation throughout the world.

Maybe this is due to the fact that people are more assertive when they are not being judged in their own environment. What do they have to lose? (Vancouver is known to newly relocated people as a cliquee city where it is difficult to meet friends, let alone a date. This has to change~)

Single people living in Vancouver are at a loss of where to meet someone and where to go out at night. (Which makes online dating so popular here.)

There are areas that definitely cater the younger crowd like downtown on Granville St. but there are a few venues to hang out and not feel like a desperate lounge lizard for men and women over 40.

There is nothing wrong with going to the lounge of a restaurant and having a drink. Sitting at the bar is easier to meet others and start up a conversation. Carderos in Coal Harbour and the Sandbar Restaurant on Granville Island are two of these establishments.

Joe Fortes, in the hub of Robson Street is also a very popular hangout, especially in the warmer months when the beautiful roof top deck is open. Earl’s on Broadway & Fir as well as Joey’s on Burrard St. have amazing bar areas that are nicely populated with an open concept, as well as the new Keg in Yaletown. (Great deck there too!)

Mingling is the key to conversation. When trying to meet someone, do not seclude yourself in a booth at the back of a restaurant, choose an open environment.

  • Going out in a group can be intimidating so try to avoid that scenario.
  • Smile at the people you come in contact and don’t be afraid to say “hi.” (Hanging around the washrooms handing out toiletries might work faster though in Vancouver.)
  • Be receptive to everyone who makes the effort to acknowledge you. Being too selective with your social contacts, may end up being the demise to your dating life.
  • You have to make an EFFORT. Ladies who wait for the man to always be assertive, will have a lot less suitors than the ones who acknowledge men.
  • Many men need encouragement before they are comfortable to approach a woman. You don’t have to go sit on his lap but smile or say hello when you walk by him. A simple gesture that works wonders.

You never know when you are being observed. Snubbing someone rudely because they are not your type, could end up being a friend of the one you are attracted to. Always be respectful and kind to people you come in contact with. 

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