Dating & Relationship Advice ~Dear Sybersue: There are Way too Many Freaking High Maintenance Women!
Dating & Relationship Advice ~

Dear Sybersue:

I’m from the Bay and there are WAY too many freaking high maintenance girls out here. I understand some women are defensive for good reasons but many do it just to play games and act hard to get. It’s a complete power trip for them, especially the ones who are physically beautiful, they know they can push & manipulate any poor sucker they want. Besides the beauty on the outside and avatar behavior, some are VERY rotten on the inside indeed. Once the porcelain breaks, you see what’s really underneath the mask metaphorically speaking. This is a person who is never satisfied with anything. Why is there so many women like this & how can we change this?

Thank you, Eddy

Susan McCord @

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