Dating Hygiene Advice (Yes, we have to go there.)

Hi there! Today I discuss Dating Hygiene. Yes, we have to go there and talk about this subject because a lot of men and women are not understanding the importance of it. I have had many requests to do a video on hygiene etiquette so I decided to do so!

Cleanliness and making the effort to look (and smell) your best on a date will make or break whether there is a second date! First impressions are everything, especially with how hard it is to date today.

Stand out in a good way!

It is very difficult to be put in the position of having to tell someone they may not be smelling their best and quite often people will walk away before sharing this uncomfortable information with their date!

Shouldn’t someone be able to tell if they have body odor or bad breath? Isn’t this just a no brainer and that everyone would prioritize their hygiene etiquette?


Not everyone gets it and some people just don’t seem to have much of a sense of smell. Some cultures are a little more open to natural body odor scents and so they might not always be aware that it may be offensive to others outside that culture.

Health problems can also contribute to different odors as well as certain diets! Yes, even the popular Keto Diet has some setbacks that may affect your breath. Everything You Need to Know About Keto Breath

It is always smart to discuss any problematic hygiene concerns you may be experiencing with a medical doctor or your dentist in some cases, as it could be a warning regarding a health issue that you’re not aware of.

Taking pride in your appearance and hygiene will always keep you in “ready to date” mode. You never know when you may bump into a prospective partner especially at a time when you least expect to meet someone.

Please watch the video above to see the dating hygiene tips we all need to implement into our daily rituals.

I absolutely love to hear from you & I will always take the time to answer you back. What is your biggest hygiene pet peeve?

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