Dating Advice ~ Don’t be a Doormat in Your Relationship!

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord & her co- host Andrea Wesley do a short rant on how not to be a doormat in your relationship!  It may sound harsh but some people need to have it said out loud so they can wake up and have some clarity as to where they truly stand in their partnership.

This type of arrangement can occur gradually where you don’t see it happening within your partnership and then one day you wake up and ask yourself how it got to this one sided scenario!  Living solely for your partner, making it all about them and keeping them happy and neglecting your own happiness, is not a real relationship.  There is no respect given to the person who is allowing themselves to be walked all over.  It may seem like a bonus to the one in control in the early stages of the relationship, but eventually they will become bored which will be the demise of the couple down the road.

Compromising partnerships where you learn little things from each other add a new dimension to who you already are as a person.  Diversity is a wonderful thing to add to our growth as we keep learning how much there is to know about ourselves. Don’t ever allow yourself to be squashed by someone who keeps you from being all that you can be.

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