Dangerous Flirting Outside Your Relationship!

Dangerous Flirting Outside Your Relationship!

In the video above Dear Sybersue talks about the dangers of flirting with others while you are in a relationship. It’s not as harmless as many people think it is and it could eventually lead you down the path of infidelity!

You can become so good at playing a flirtatious game that it becomes an addiction due to the attention you receive. 

We all like a little ego stroking once in awhile but when someone is playful and obviously attracted to you, it can be a very dangerous merry-go-round and hard to get off of.

Flirting while trying to make your partner jealous usually doesn’t end well and can be the beginning of relationship mistrust. We all know what happens next when these insecurities take over.

Make sure that you are OK with your partner flirting just as much as you are because what you think is only a little harmless flirting, may not feel quite as harmless when it happens to you!

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!”

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show



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