Cyber Bullying Awareness ~ RIP Amanda Todd


Cyber bullying and social media manipulation has got to stop! Another beautiful young woman, Amanda Todd from Maple Ridge B.C. took her own life due to the trauma of ongoing harassment from numerous people on social media sites. Even after her death these tormenters have not stopped with tarnishing her name. No one deserves to have to deal with the nastiness of evil predators, school bullies or cowards hiding behind a slanderous Facebook Page updating post after post. Strong censorship needs to be addressed on all available social media websites & parents need to educate themselves regularly with new technology trends to keep aware of potential hazards. Criminal charges need to be laid to anyone taking part in these cyber crimes.

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  1. If some is being insulted or dishonored by someone, so it is necessary to reply him for his doing. We provide the coaching of anti bullying programs in which we teach our students about fighting against Bullying activity or elements.

  2. It is also the reason why governments from different parts of the world are aiming to cyber crime act laws all over the world are strengthening Cyber Crime Prevention Act. We need to see officials put more teeth in pushing Anti Cyberbullying laws. It’s our kids who are at risk!

    Meanwhile, I also wrote a personal blog about bullying in different forms. I am a concerned parent and will do everything to protect my kids from being bullied. You can read the Bullying blog here:

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