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One day on a calendar shouldn’t be the only reason to make a difference in your attitude or appearance. Some people need to have a reason to alter their outlook and behavioral patterns.

Birthdays, Reunions & New Year’s Day seems to be the focal point for many people to make those changes but why does everyone need a particular date to do this?

Why do we need a reason to care about how we look or act?

Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, shouldn’t you always take pride in your appearance and attitude? Brushing your teeth and having a shower is an important hygienic necessity and you wouldn’t even think about not doing this on a daily basis!

Why stop there?

Yes, there are some people who take vanity to a much higher level but then there are those men and women who really try hard to make the opposite statement. They are almost rebellious about taking any time with their appearance; which also shows in their everyday outlook towards life.

Why would you go to the supermarket or a movie in your sweatpants, no makeup on and then be embarrassed or complain how terrible you looked when you ran into a really attractive guy or an old friend?

If you care enough to make a comment about how bad you looked, why go out in public like that?

There is a happy medium here without being the 2-hour high maintenance woman. You can truly change your life with the right attitude. Even the smallest changes can alter your spirit.

Don’t use the excuse that you’re a full figured woman or you’re not a size 6 and think that men only look at skinny girls, because that isn’t true! Men love women of all shapes & sizes!

We are ALL beautiful ladies!

Looking good really does make you feel good!

When you have sexy underwear on do you not feel different? When someone turns their head to look at you, does it not put a spring in your step?

  • Making small changes with your appearance and attitude will help expand your life in all areas. Makeover shows are popular for a reason!
  • One fabulous piece of clothing or a new haircut can alter your attitude; which ultimately changes how you think about everything!
  • When you go a little beyond your comfort zone, it is a big door opener that attracts new things into your life. Even just one flirtatious glance or compliment can bring you a refreshed outlook & big boost to your self-esteem.

Positive acknowledgment is a part of life that starts as an infant; making our parents smile from our first word to their applause when we take our 1st step. It is what motivates our actions which keep escalating as we grow.

Pats on the back are adolescent building blocks but it doesn’t stop because we are now an adult.  

We all need continual encouragement. If we get nothing back on a continual basis, many of us retreat into a lethargic & negative place.

This is why it is important to be in a loving & supportive reciprocated relationship!  One-sided partnerships eventually tear down your self-esteem and dangerously play on your self-worth.

 If your life is constantly void of reassuring acclamations, how do you continue to build confidence?

Start by caring about yourself and how others perceive you. How do you come across? Stand out & make people notice you. Be the best YOU!

How do I change things up with my appearance and learn to feel comfortable with my authentic self?

  1. If this is uncomfortable for you or you aren’t sure where to start, ask a trusted friend or family member to help. Ask them to take you shopping & offer suggestions on what they think looks good on you. What can they tell you about your personality and how you come across to others? Tell them to be gentle as this is new territory and you don’t want any negativity. You want to come out of your cocoon not retreat back into it.
  2. Start slowly by purchasing one or two articles of clothing that are out of your “comfort wardrobe zone” but within your age group. You could always hire a stylist if you don’t have a clue as to what you should do.
  3. Both men and women like to feel sexy and desired. By adding a little color, mixing up your fashion sense or keeping up with trending fashion attire; can put you into a whole new mindset.
  4. Consignment stores are great for this and keep you in the lower budget range! Looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  5. Take good care of your hair and change the style every couple of years. Regular updates keep you looking youthful and fashionable!
  6. The first thing people see is your face so taking the time to put in a little effort is the best way to get noticed. A touch of lip gloss, enhancing your brows or getting eyelash extensions can really add to your natural beauty.  A big smile just tops it all off to make you stand out even more.
  7. Wearing nothing but baggy sweatpants & running shoes shows apathy & diminishes your sex appeal.  (Men appreciate a little fashion sense but it doesn’t have to be over the top.  Just making a little effort says a lot.)
  8. Start working out if you’re not already! If you need incentive, buy a $40 Groupon for a month of yoga, spin/dance classes or some other form of fitness that is offered. Get back into being active again. This will also push you to go because you have a time limitation to complete your purchase.

Some people go to great lengths to put out, “I just don’t care,” but realistically everyone does want to be noticed to some degree. Listen & watch how people treat you. If they are giving up their seat for you on the bus and you are only 45, you might want to re-evaluate your lifestyle! If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have gravitated to this article.

An inexpensive makeover and attitude adjustment will work wonders for your self-esteem and your love life regardless of each approaching birthday.

Embrace change in your life to keep your spirit young forever.

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