Can't Get Past a Breakup due to Guilt or Regrets?

How Do I Get Past a Breakup due to Guilt or Regrets?

In this video Dear Sybersue talks about how to get past a breakup due to an ongoing guilty conscience and having many regrets about what happened in the relationship!

Regardless of who initiated the end of the relationship it can still have lingering effect on both people dealing with the breakup. There are many factors that come into play and everyone deals with heartbreak differently.

Here are a few things that may make you feel guilty or why you may have regrets about the demise of your relationship:

  • Did you break up with your partner due to a silly argument and now you regret acting so hastily?
  • Was there cheating involved and this is the reason for your breakup?
  • You left you partner due to a medical situation you couldn’t deal with?
  • You were controlling and jealous all the time? You have trust issues?
  • You weren’t over an Ex relationship which inhibited you from giving 100% to your new relationship?
  • You have major commitment issues that you have never dealt with.
  • You became complacent & stopped nurturing your relationship?

How can someone move on if all they think about is what transpired with their Ex? What can they do? What should they do so that they can move on towards a healthier path?

Please leave your comments below! I would love to hear what you did in a situation like this.

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show

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