Betty White & The Girl With A Tattoo ~ Vancouver Comedy Fest 2012

This video is something I will cherish of my night with Betty White in Vancouver. She truly is one of my mentors & judging by the vast age range of the audience at this performance, I am not alone. Young or older, people love Betty’s “shoot from the hip” comments & attitude. She gets away with some of the naughtiest comments that many people would usually cringe away from, except it is from a 90 year old woman who is hilarious.

Betty White is an exceptional woman that we can “all” learn from. She does not let age define her & actually uses it to her benefit. The shock value is priceless! Who would expect some of those “double entendre one liners” to come out of the mouth of a sweet older lady? I’ll bet she writes her own script for “Hot in Cleveland!”

Betty encourages others that with each passing birthday you don’t have to slow down your life plan. She shows us how to live our life regardless of age ~ she is an inspiration! Even though our body may change with each passing year, our mind can stay young & fresh if we choose to think with a young attitude.

Humor is the one tool that we are all blessed with to use as we choose. Laughter is the key to a youthful outlook & keeps our optimism alive. It is the only drug we should be addicted to, as it promotes longevity in everyone.

Thank you Betty White for being the woman I hope to be at 90 years old ~ You rock!

Susan McCord

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