Beauty Advice for Millennials: It’s All About Attitude!

Thanks for visiting Dear Sybersue! Today’s post and video pertains mostly to millennials but there is also a message here for everyone. 

I want to discuss the difficulties some young people have living in a social media world. There is so much competition when it comes to appearance and superficial enhancements.

I am fortunate to have many millennials who reach out to me through my coaching, YouTube channel and my advice column, who share their concerns about what is “not transpiring” within their social circles. The operative word here is social!

People are forgetting how to interact with others and be authentic to who they really are!

This of course is mainly due to the obsession with our phones and other technology gadgets that keep us from looking up. (This is now happening with many age groups!)

Even when many millennials get together with friends for a night out, there is still somewhat of an anti-social setting as they spend a good part of the evening on their phones trying to get a great selfie to post, or texting all their friends who aren’t there!

It is also becoming a swipe left or swipe right decision on who we may, or may not meet in person! According to the young people I have spoken with, it isn’t easy to actually meet up with someone for a potential relationship. They say the reason for this is because “we are now in a “hook up era,” which ultimately means, sex only.”

This type of behavior brings out more insecurities and self esteem issues, which transpires into a vicious cycle of trying to look better & better to stand out.  The competition between millennial women can be pretty fierce.

Just look at all the instagram photos and you will see what I am referring to. Each profile acts like a photo album of only the hottest pictures of  sexy body shots, bootie and the latest fashion/makeup trends.

This is causing a lot of anxiety among young women and yes, some men too! Physical appearance has become the number priority for so many people today.   

Let’s not forget how expensive it is to keep up with cosmetic procedures and all the fashion accessories that go with the whole package of looking amazing in the millennium. Add expensive dinners & rent into the picture and there is definitely credit card debt coming into play!

This is one of the reasons so many young men and women are staying at home with their parents a lot longer today. Their expensive lifestyle is out-pricing their paychecks!

We often hear in the media that many millennials will never own a home but despite the astronomical housing prices, many young people are not saving money due to all these other expensive life choices.

Hey I get it, as this is the way you have grown up and you don’t know anything other that this social media pressure. Not everyone falls into it though if they are busy with school and the future of their career; there is always a happy medium available for everyone.

We can’t blame everything in our lives on society because we all have a choice in how we live and how our attitude plays a big part in who we are now and who we become.

Don’t get caught up in all the competition to be the next hot Instagram influencer, be yourself.  You’re pretty awesome just the way you are. <3

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