Are You Secretly Pining for Your EX While You're in Another Relationship?

Are You Secretly Pining for Your EX While You’re in Another Relationship?

In the video above Dear Sybersue discusses the subject that many of us have dealt with over the years; Trying to get over an EX but secretly still missing them while you are in another relationship.

Getting involved too soon after a breakup can be a big problem as your heart is still holding on to your past relationship. You may not have had proper closure with your EX and memories start popping up all over the place when things aren’t perfect in the new partnership.

It is very important not to take past baggage into your new relationship or it will cause trust issues down the road. When you are not emotionally available your partner will eventually feel the absence of not having  your undivided attention.

They can tell when you are removed from them, especially in the bedroom!

Always take time to deal with past relationship breakups or your love life will be a vicious circle of repetitive short lived scenarios.  It’s not fair to anyone including yourself. Don’t let pride get in the way of finding the answers to help you move on.

You broke up for a reason but you need to understand that reason before your heart can be repaired. <3

What actions have you taken to get over your EX so that you can move on to find love with someone else? Please leave your comments below this post to help others move on faster from a breakup.

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