Are You On the Same Page in Your New Relationship?

In today’s video I discuss being in a new relationship and how important it is to find out if you and your partner are on the same page!

Unfortunately many new relationships end between the 3-6 month mark because people are not paying close attention to what is really important to them! Don’t turn the other way and pretend it is OK if your priorities are not being met.

You should have a “small” checklist of what is most important to you when choosing a life partner. Don’t ignore those critical “deal breakers” as you should always have some healthy boundaries.

When we first meet someone and the sexual chemistry is incredibly powerful, we tend to overlook those early read flags. It is difficult to think of anything else when we are so intimately enthralled with them! It’s like an addiction and we can’t see anything else in front of us!

It is very important to stay focused on the whole picture when making a commitment with someone. Yes, dating has become very difficult in today’s world, so now we jump in even faster when someone finally turns our pheromones on!

As many of us have found out with our past dating history, this isn’t always a good thing. It can blind us from seeing other things that need to be clarified in this new partnership, so it can continue to grow into a strong long term connection.

You need to be aware and smart about who you allow into your life so you don’t keep repeating patterns that don’t work out for you. 

If the relationship is progressing at a natural pace between the two of you then there may not be any questions. Regardless of how you are moving along as a couple, I always suggest that you have a talk with them within the first 6 weeks to ensure that you have mutual goals for your future.

This is the time to really listen and hear what they are saying. Don’t go into this new partnership thinking you can change their minds or viewpoint by giving it time! 

Please watch the video above and leave your comments below this post. What worked or didn’t work for you in this situation?

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