Are You OK Being in a Part Time Relationship?

Are you OK Being in a part-time relationship or do things feel very unbalanced?

Would you like to see them more often but you’re afraid to say anything for fear of scaring them off? Are you sacrificing what you really want in your new partnership so you don’t come across as too aggressive, too soon?

It’s OK to have some expectations in a new relationship. You want to be respected and to be a priority with the person you love and you shouldn’t have to take a back seat to appease them.

If a relationship is going in the right direction in the early stages, you should both be in the same space and comfort zone with how it is progressing. There isn’t a ton of questions or game playing because you want to be with each other. You can’t wait to see them!

If you are always second guessing where you stand with them or when you will see them again, this probably isn’t the right partnership for you. Why would you commit to someone who isn’t committed to you?

Speak up!  Stop pretending you’re OK with this lopsided situation.

You have every right to know what your partner’s ulterior motives are, so don’t be the last to know that they only want a casual scenario with you.

Dating and relationships can be a lot of work but it is knowing when to move on from unhealthy environments that will bring you closer to finding the love you truly desire.

I love to hear from both men and women & I will always take time to answer you back. Please watch the video above and please leave your comments below!  Help other people who also may be dealing with this situation.  How did you handle it?

Sybersue xo

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