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I just did some Interviews for an Independent Movie called “Heart of Dance” written by Scarlett Bruns. The script is based on a young woman who deals with Bulimia & Anorexia. This movie was made to bring awareness to this ongoing issue & illness. Regardless of how many programs & new facilities that are available today, it is still a very serious situation within our society.

Today I was on my Twitter account and read a tweet from Meena Mann (below) who I follow.

MeenaMann: that was a disturbing video! #brainwashing overload RT @hollyconway: This is wrong..Shape Ups for litle girls…

The video (I have posted above) has caught the attention of people who are now addressing it on twitter. I went to leave a comment about this on their (Sketchers) YouTube channel & the comment section has been disabled! It is not a wonder why with all the angry mothers out there and all the people who have had to deal with body image awareness. There needs to be some form of advertising restrictions when it comes to marketing their products to young girls like this. They are supposed to be kids & playing with toys or taking swimming lessons not worrying about how good their legs will look at 10 years old.

Young girls are very affected with their looks even more so today due to all the social media at their fingertips. Breast augmentation is now one of the priorities before getting their first job out of Highschool & Botox procedures are starting before 25 years old. So how do we stop this unsettling situation?

Dove advertizing is doing the right thing and bringing in women all shapes & sizes to show “we” are all beautiful regardless of not being a size 2. There are many Talent Agencies in Vancouver that look for REAL people to add to their rosters, and many companies are requesting this for their commercials. Elle Plus size models are in Canada & adding to their roster all the time. Actor & Writer Scarlett Bruns mentioned above, was also a plus size model and has some amazing photos in her portfolio. With people like her & many others who care about how body image is being portrayed, we might be able to gain some more support with other advertisers down the road. If everyone took the time to care a little, we can change this attitude to help our young women & men appreciate & love who they are.

Come and meet the cast & crew of “Heart of Dance” Movie fundraiser on June 5th at The Blarney Stone in Gastown.

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