(TED Talks) A Beautiful Message from Shane Koyczan on Bullying & Childhood Messages


So much of what path we choose in our adult life is derived from our childhood & teen years.  This is the “building block era” of who we become. Void of love, support, and encouragement stunts our growth.  It’s not until we allow our hidden strength to overrule our broken heart that we will leave this place of sadness.  Sometimes there is no family and sometimes friendships are false…so where does one put their trust?

Finding a mentor or inspirational figure can be life altering and offer a safe place to go ~ even if you don’t know them personally.

While technology can be a scary transition for many people today, it does present many rewards for lonely people who feel withdrawn & isolated.  There are videos like this one & numerous others that offer the support many people do not have in their lives.  There are Online Groups that open their arms to every type of scenario where guidance  may be needed.  I met a young musician the other day who was “anti” social media and felt that it promoted narcissistic behavior with most people.  I disagreed as I chose to  see “that glass” half full.

With each generation changes occur that are fearful to many because of the unknown. People have difficulty learning something new that puts them out of their comfort box. I decided early on to embrace this technology “gift”  to connect with others so that I can offer & receive guidance in my life. One is never too old to learn or to offer Mentorship to someone in their life path.

We all have something to give and we all have a purpose on this apprenticeship journey we continue to explore.

This inspirational video “inspired me” to want to share it with others. I have never met this courageous man who filled that lecture hall with such a valuable message, but I can relate to him as I think many of us can at some point in our lives. If we all spend 5 minutes each day giving someone unconditional support whether it is a stranger, answering a comment on your blog, helping a neighbor or family member, we will be making a difference.  At the end of the day isn’t that what we are all really here for anyway? What good is success without love or money without someone to share it with.

Thanks for your amazing message Shane Koyczan & thank you for sharing your heartfelt journey with all of us. <3

Susan McCord @ http://www.youtube.com/twobeavers

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