A “Shout Out” To An Amazing Woman ~ Rebecca Rosenblat

Every once in awhile someone comes into your life that is really special ~ and for me Rebecca Rosenblat is one of those people!

With technology taking away so much personal interaction, many of us are forgetting how to show a genuine appreciation & acknowledgment towards others who cross our path. I am a big believer that people who come into your life are there for a purpose, regardless of how long they are there for. ~Either we are their teacher or they are ours~ It doesn’t really matter as giving or receiving will always have rewards.

“Paying it forward” should be practiced on a daily basis as we all need a pat on the back regularly. Communication is becoming a Lost Art & we need to bring it back before we all become robotic & too plugged into our headphones. Just look around your gym & you will see what I mean. Internet dating is becoming the norm in meeting someone because it is easier to hide behind a computer than to go up & talk to a real person. (One of the main reasons I started my Dating/Relationship Talk Show years ago, was to bring back communication between the sexes!)

I talk to people everyday & I also promote everyone I believe in without asking for anything in return. While I have met some “takers” along the way, I still have faith that human kindness will prevail in the long run. If we all make time to acknowledge someone on a daily basis we can start to bring back that personal interaction that is slowly becoming extinct. Say hi your neighbors, smile at someone you don’t know, help someone struggling with a door, appreciate someone who is successful, & always acknowledge someone who believes in you.

I would like to thank Rebecca for believing in me & promoting and including my work on her own Talk Show ~ Sex@11 Rogers TV Toronto. While I have never had the privilege to meet her in person, I adore her from our online connection just the same. (Ironically, this is definitely one of the perks technology can offer.) She is inspirational and a wonderful mentor to many people who come in contact with her, which contributes greatly to her success.

Thank you for your time, your thoughtfulness, your support & your amazing willingness to help others. We could all learn from you Rebecca & I know I will continue to do so. xo Susan

All About Rebecca Rosenblat, a.k.a. Dr. Date

Rebecca Rosenblat

Rebecca Rosenblat is well known as one of Canada’s leading relationship, sexuality, and healing experts, who has reached a captive audience of millions across North America. Some of Rebecca’s accomplishments include, hosting three TV shows, two call-in radio shows, running sold-out seminars, keynoting at various conferences and trade shows, authoring several books and advice columns, and becoming a popular voice with the media.


  1. Glad to see that Rebecca is getting the appreciation and recognition she deserves. I do live close enough to know her in person and she is just as caring and knowledgable close up. Her help and compassion shown on her show (sex@11) are appreciated by her callers as I have noted by how many call back and give feedback on how she has helped them.

    Keep it up Rebecca. Paul Johns

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