A Popular Youtube Video with a Great Message for Everyone! Nature RX

This video was brought to my attention by a very good friend and I just had to post it!

What a great message for all of us! There is not a person in this world who has not gone through either sad times, medical issues, difficult work & family scenarios or has dealt with bouts of depression in their lifetime. The pharmaceutical companies are making a killing off of prescriptions for so many people! While many drugs are prescribed to help with ongoing medical ailments there are some people that just rely on them to get through the day.

This video has a fun yet important message that we all need to be reminded¬†of. We don’t spend enough time enjoying and appreciating God’s green earth! As a video host & blogger who spends way too much time on the computer, I can totally relate to the change in my spirit and mental awareness when I take time out of my day to get outside to either bike, stroll to the beach or just sit on a park bench watching the kids run around without a care in the world. It revives my reason for living and makes me realize how lucky we are to have all this beauty at our fingertips anytime we want it! <3

I look at sunshine and nature as an aphrodisiac as a puts such a big spring in my step and attitude! Many men and women who are lonely and single should definitely make Nature a part of their day, everyday! It really does renew your thought process and can actually change negative thinking into positive. Even sitting in the sunshine with a cup of coffee can force a smile out of most people. It makes you forget your problems for a little while and helps you to take notice of some of the little things in life that we all take for granted or cocoon in our homes not taking the time to appreciate.

So go on, get out, breath the fresh air and love who you are while you’re doing it. As the NIKI Slogan says: “Just do it!”

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