A Great New Dating Idea That Gets People Off Their Computers & Phones

I don’t know where I was last February when Blenz Coffee introduced the “Blenz Red Band” coffee sleeve at their numerous locations, but I am definitely aware of it now! This is a fantastic idea & so welcomed after all the hibernating many people do now with their computers & texting. Getting out and meeting each other face to face is almost an extinct form of communication these days. (Unless there is copious amounts of alcohol involved.)

This red band offers people a place to go for an inexpensive outing as well as a choice of options for meeting others. Some people may feel vulnerable putting themselves out there like this, but the sleeve does offer a selection of boxes to check off in the following categories:

1) Interested In: Male or Female (Which is great for straight or same sex meetups)
2) Friendship
3) Casual
4) Dating
5) Relationship

I applaud this marketing venture & I hope it continues on past the month of February each year. One of the reasons I started my Dating/Relationship Talk Show http://www.youtube.com/twobeavers a few years ago was to try to bring people back together by communicating with each other in a natural way. People are always talking about how Vancouver is such a tough place to date ~ We need to change that! Technology is amazing but we are not utilizing it to our best ability & hiding behind it instead. Online dating is a wonderful resource but we still need to interact once in awhile with other people. It doesn’t have to be a dating connection ~ sometimes meeting new friends is refreshing & offers new opportunities. Socializing is uplifting especially after a long winter.

Way to go Blenz for trying something different & helping people get together again! Let’s hope other establishments follow your lead. Cheers!

Susan McCord

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