The Most Confusing Quote – If You Love Something Set It Free

I loved this post, Tessa! ❤  It sure is a confusing quote!

Tessa C. Ryan

Most of us have been there.

Dumped. Kicked to the curb. Heart torn in half.  Or “let go.” What does that even mean?

When my long-term, on-and-off again boyfriend, *Joshua, ended the hangnail that was our relationship, he said “I’m not breaking up with you. I’m letting you go.”

“Where, Josh. Where?”

On grad night. 1993. Great timing, Joshua. Not our grad, but that’s a minor detail when hours before there are photos of a happy Tessa and Joshua posing for my mom’s 35mm.

The statement almost sounds temporary. Do we want them back? Are we letting them down easy? Because the message is really, “Yes, Tessa. After years of bouncing back and forth, I’d like to expand my horizons. No hard feelings?” and “It’s over. Oh, can I have my Vuarnet t-shirt back?”

The entire “If you love someone, let them go, and if they come back to you…

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