How Many Lies Do You Allow In Your Relationship?

Are you in denial about who your partner really is?

How Many Lies Do You Allow In Your Relationship? Are you in denial about who your partner really is?

  1. Do you find yourself lying and covering for your partner due to their toxic behavior?
  2. How often are they lying to you?
  3. Why are you protecting them and taking a backseat in your partnership?
  4. Are you allowing their lies to continue because you’re fearful of ending up alone?
  5. Do you try to confront them on their lies but keep getting sucked back into their false promises even after they have been unfaithful to you?

We are all guilty of little white lies but ignoring the big ones is never a good thing! Are you OK that your partner is living a double life, telling one thing while doing another? Seriously, what are you getting out of this one-sided relationship?

I take that back, it’s not a relationship!

You know in your heart that while they are telling you lies, you have been telling yourself lies about who you are in a partnership with. Your gut knows the truth and sends you regular signals and puts that concerned voice in your head.

You are continually asking yourself: How did I get here? Where the Hell did my self-worth go that I would allow someone I love to continually lie to me and treat me like a fool? Why am I turning a blind eye to this behavior from my partner?” What happened to that amazing person I first met?” “Was it all an act?”Why do I fall back into their charming trap over and over?”

When you first meet someone you are really attracted to it is easy to put the red flag blinders on when the sexual chemistry is so powerful! It’s a magnetic pull that takes over your whole body. One passionate kiss and you’re powerless. You overlook some of the important traits of who they are on a deeper level.

Don’t sleep with them too early if you want to keep things in perspective and take your time getting to know them. If you start paying attention to the real version of who they are right away, you will end up in much healthier relationships.

If you are starting to get depressed or angry on a regular basis within your partnership, you need to get some help from a therapist. Your body is reacting and trying to give you warning signals so please listen to them. It’s not easy to get yourself out of these scenarios when you are involved with a charming con-artist.

When I was younger I used to get repetitive ailments because I was living in an unhealthy environment. Once I removed myself from the root cause, many of my symptoms went away. It’s all about self-love first.

Respect yourself first if you want to be respected back.

I absolutely love hearing from you & will always take time to answer you back. Please watch the video above and leave your comments below!

Sybersue xo ❤

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