Do You Know How to Say Sorry to Your Partner?

The topic today on Dear Sybersue is: Do You Know How to Say Sorry to Your Partner?

Saying sorry isn’t easy for some people to do because of their stubborn pride or they are uncomfortable showing any vulnerability whatsoever. It is not a form of weakness to admit when you might be wrong about something or that you may have harshly over-reacted towards your partner.

No one is perfect and we all have moody times in our lives. Things could be intense at work, you may have ongoing health/medical issues or there could be some family drama that you’re dealing with. It is not always easy to stay in a positive mindset when stressful things occur.

Whatever the scenario is, explaining what is happening and why your behavior may be questionable, is very important.

Your relationship is the number one priority so don’t shut your partner out. Always communicate with them and openly apologize. Burying your feelings and pretending it never happened, will not help your relationship in the long run.

We all have moments of insecurity or self-doubt about how we are handling things in our life and that is all part of the learning process we deal with on a constant basis. No one ever said it would be smooth sailing and there will always be hurdles to jump over.

Being able to say sorry will keep your partnership in a healthy place and they will have more respect for you when you do own your part in any relationship blip or heated argument.

Sometimes we take things out on the person we are closest to when we really should be taking a long hard look at ourselves.

It’s never too late to dig inward and change up those things that you may need to alter and learning how to apologize to someone you love is a damn good start.

What do you think? Please watch the video at the top of this post and leave your comments below!

Sybersue xo

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