Dear Sybersue: I Was in a 7 Year Relationship & My Boyfriend Recently Left Me…

This post from a few years ago still remains a popular topic today! Relationships aren’t easy but holding onto your self respect will keep you from falling into this trap. Have boundaries and a few expectations and never allow yourself to be put on hold for someone who wants time out from your partnership!

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pixabay-sad-asian-girl-1733346_1280Dear Sybersue: I was in a 7 year relationship & my boyfriend recently left me

I was in a 7 year relationship and my boyfriend recently left me…I’m in so much pain and it’s only been a month. It was such an abrupt breakup and it totally blindsided me! What can I do, I’m so stuck.  I tried dating already but most of the guys just want sex and I am avoiding that, but I still have needs. I feel so alone & I’m very disillusioned as to why end our relationship ended without so much as a discussion?

(Thanks for your video advice about breakups, it did help…)


Dear DDee,

Thanks for writing & I understand & feel your pain! 7 years is a long time invested in a relationship & not something anyone gets over in a few months. You won’t be alone for long if you…

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