Lifestyle Advice: Can We Really Have It All?

Life Can Flow to Where you Want it to go When you Believe you Deserve it.

Life Can Flow to Where you Want it to go When you Believe you Deserve it.

Can We Really Have it All?

Why does life flow for some people and not for others? Is it really all about attitude, visualization or self-esteem? Is it luck? 

Having it all is not the same for everyone. Some of us want live in a log cabin and solitude while others want a winter home in Palm Dessert or Florida.  Some people are driven & make things happen to enhance their life; and then there is the other half of the population who make continual excuses as to why they are not changing their life in a more enhancing way.

It’s much easier “not” to persevere when there are challenges in life. You can’t fail at something new if you don’t try it. This fear will keep you from learning and growing as a person. People who are successful are usually risk takers and not afraid to get out of their comfort zone on a regular basis.

What are some of the reasons people get stuck in their lives?

  • Self Sabotage ~ this inhibits your success because you don’t believe you actually deserve good things can happen to you!
  • Childhood trauma and abuse can tarnish self-worth as an adult.
  • Putting yourself in a boring routine because you are afraid of change!
  • Relying on your looks to get you what you want.
  • Not having a mentor or someone you can go to when you need guidance or to be pushed occasionally.
  • Living in a box due to fears. We are not all born outgoing or ambitious. We have to put ourselves out there to learn these traits.
  • Being anal retentive! This may get you what you want in some areas but it keeps you from real happiness due to your “high maintenance” attitude.
  • Playing the victim because you feel nothing ever goes right for you.
  • You always see the glass as half empty rather than half full because you have lost faith in believing life can be wonderful.
  • Failed relationships or never meeting someone you connect with can cause bitterness.
  • Hanging around negative and apathetic people all the time.
  • Staying in a job you hate.
  • Lack of love & support from family and friends.

Reading that list you probably recognize a few things that you can relate to. I think we all can! So how do you change this to better who you are and get out of this place you have allowed yourself to be in? 

Make a list of your goals or desires and look at them regularly in order of importance. Put some sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, fridge or front door so that you can visualize them throughout the day. You may only have a few things but they could change your life direction in a big way. Believe you are worthy of them! Instead of thinking “It won’t happen” say out loud “Why wouldn’t it happen for me and I am ready to receive it!” Settling for anything in your life including a partner will be a disservice in all aspects of your life; It is a domino effect! Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.

It may sound easier said than done but if you try something new on a regular basis it will become second nature after a while. It gives your life a purpose and feels rewarding when you accomplish something different. It’s exciting! You also don’t have time to dwell on the little things that used to bother you because you are busy and using your mind in a constructive way. Most people who are angry or judgmental have way too much time on their hands.

Knowing when you are on the right path, it just feels good!  Everything new takes a little work but if there is too much drama or negativity you need to move on. Don’t waste your time in the wrong scenario and that includes some of the pessimistic people in your life that may hold you back! Sometimes incredible things are right in front of us but we ignore them subconsciously. Open your eyes and keep your vision alive by really looking at opportunities that may not be obvious right away.

We have so many more options than our parents and grandparents had and we need to appreciate that. We also live longer so why not make it memorable? A few scars on your knees or on your heart mean you have “lived” and were not afraid to take chances. Eventually we can get it right and achieve what we want, if we “own” life’s lessons that were dealt to us. Don’t spend your life regretting what you did or didn’t do, move on and appreciate each experience. Take the positive from each situation with you to the next level & keep soaring to new heights.

I believe you can have it all if you do not become complacent~ Diversity will keep youth on your side due to a fresh outlook & enhance your life on a continual basis. 

Susan McCord


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