Feeling Blah about Life? Change your look right down to your underwear!

Change your look right down to your underwear!

Change your look right down to your underwear!

Are you feeling stuck and in need of some change in your life? Maybe you would like a new job, a new condo, a makeover or a new refreshed outlook in general? Whatever the case; you know that your self esteem could really use a little jump start to set you off in a new direction.

Sure that looks good on paper but how do we actually make it happen?

Some people need to have an excuse to alter their outlook and repetitive life patterns; which makes New Year’s Day or Birthdays the focal point for many people when setting a time frame to make those alterations. Why do most of us need a particular date to kick ourselves in the butt to make this happen? Not everyone is naturally motivated and many people are procrastinators due to not believing in themselves. They are afraid of failure therefore will tend to take the easy path in life, which isn’t really easy at all! When most things in life are ignored they have a tendency to build up in an aggravating way. Our health catches up with us,our finances aren’t where they should be and our careers and relationships are not in a comfortable place. We don’t feel good about ourselves and it starts to take a toll on our appearance as well.

Do we need a reason to care about how we look? Shouldn’t we always take pride in our appearance and attitude? Having a daily shower and brushing our teeth is a hygienic necessity but also makes us feel good. Why stop there? Some people take vanity to a self absorbed level of conceit but then there are also the people who really try hard to make the opposite statement by looking as bad as they possibly can. They take on a rebellious “I’m not here to impress anyone” defensive persona. Then they wonder why people are judging them and constantly staring at them. There are also people that really just don’t care or are just too lazy to make the effort.

Ladies; If you are single, why would you go to the super market or a movie in your sweatpants and no makeup on, and then complain how terrible you looked when you ran into a really attractive guy? If you care enough to make a comment about how bad you looked why go out in public like that? Most people really do care how they come across physically but pretend it’s not a big deal to them. (These are usually the people that complain they can’t get a date!) There is a happy medium and you can truly change your life with the right attitude.

When someone turns their head to look at you, does it not put a spring in your step?

Changing your look and attitude will help change your life in all areas. This is not just about dating or relationships. It also improves your work environment and friendships because you feel better about yourself! Contrary to all the Instagram girls and their long list of makeup tips and tutorials it really isn’t that difficult to look good!   It is only about making two or three changes. Makeover shows are popular for a reason! A few new pieces of clothing or a new hair cut can change your attitude, which ultimately changes how you come across to others.  It is an euphoric feeling  when you go beyond your comfort zone and it is often a door opener to other opportunities! Even one glance or compliment can bring you a renewed outlook.

Acknowledgment is a part of life that starts as an infant; making our parents smile from our first word, to their applause when we take our 1st step. It is what motivates our actions. It just escalates as we grow. Many adults still look for approval from their parents and we all want to hear we are doing a good job in our careers or in our classes at school.  If we get nothing back on a continual basis, most of us retreat into a lethargic and lonely place.

Pats on the back are adolescent building blocks!

Saying all this is wonderful but what do you do If your life is void of any type of encouragement? How do you start to feel good about yourself and build confidence?

  • Start by caring about your how you look!  Don’t be lazy with your style~ add a little pizzazz and color to your closet. Go to a consignment store if you are on a tight budget. There’s lots of goodies to be found at these establishments.
  • If you want people to notice you, show them you’re a fun person to be around. Stand out a little more and add to the conversation rather than sitting back and only listening.
  • Dress like you care and actually like yourself. Ask a friend to help if you are not sure what to wear.
  • Buy at least one article that is out of your comfort zone but makes you feel sexy and classy!
  • Take care of your hair and change the style every year or two.
  • Leave toques and baseballs hats for cold weather & sporting events. Don’t make it your daily attire; especially if you are out on a date!
  • When you wear sexy underwear you will feel sexy!
  • Don’t hang out with Debbie Downers. Put yourself around positive people who are not judgmental and negative.
  • Start something you always wanted to do but were afraid of doing it. Start with something small and then build up to the more challenging things.

Some people go to great lengths to put out, “I’m too cool to care,” but realistically everyone does care to some degree. Listen to how people treat you. If they giving up their seat for you on the bus and you are only 45, you need to reevaluate your lifestyle! An inexpensive makeover and attitude adjustment will work wonders for your self esteem regardless of each approaching birthday. It’s never to late to make some changes into your life and you can look good at any age. Like anything in life it takes a little bit of effort to make good thing happen but it is so worth it in the end! Embrace change and life with a passion to keep your spirit young forever.

Susan McCord @ http://www.youtube.com/c/susanmccord

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