Our Golf Experience with an “Exceptional”(Sarcasm!) Pair of Guys!

Dating Relationship Coaching & Advice


As a regular blogger & advice columnist I am usually pretty optimistic and open minded when it comes to life in general ~ I am a “glass half full” kind of girl for the most part. I do believe that many people you come across in life are there for a reason to teach you simple or valuable lessons…or is it for you to teach them?  The Jury is out on that one but regardless it is an interesting theory just the same.  

I have always used this approach with men that I have dated in the past, which has helped me move on faster after a breakup. I analyzed what I was supposed to learn from these scenarios to help me with my future choices. I tried not to let my ego take over every time I got dumped and to thank them instead for helping me get…

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