A Love Revisited (A Poem by Susan McCord)


Love Revisited

Love Revisited

                                                              A LOVE REVISITED                                                        

My heart beats fast when I remember you,
After many kisses so long ago,
A chemistry so powerful,
I know you  feel it too.

Many years have passed but nothing’s changed at all,
For when I saw you recently, everything was clear,
The stirring deep within me, was not all in my mind,
But something so amazing, my 5 senses stood up tall!

Although our lives are different after many years apart,
It’s time to now revisit what we foolishly left behind,
And to listen to the Universe we once chose to ignore,
Which has brought us back together, for a brand new start.

Love has a purpose that we don’t always see,
And life’s tough lessons are hurtful to learn,
But our time wasn’t then, we needed to grow,
We’re now on the path that we were meant to be.

Susan McCord   May 22, 2014


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