Dear Sybersue ~ I Disagree With Your Video “Taking a Break in Your Relationship”

Dear Sybersue,
I don’t really agree. I think you were too one-sided in this video. For me, taking a break in a relationship is a way to remind yourself of who you are as an individual. It doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with the other person. It isn’t about “fixing” your partner. It’s about reconnecting with yourself and your own needs.
Dear Monique,

Susan McCord  I feel that it is one sided when a person decides to take a break. How often is it a mutual decision? If you need to reconnect with yourself you are not ready to be in a relationship at that time or you could do it with that person in your life beside you. Breaking up with them completely would be a better scenario and if it works out down the road later on, at least the other person wasn’t waiting around for a decision and can go on with their life too. Thx for your input and taking the time to write.


Here is the video in question ~ What do you think?

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