Romantic & Fun Vancouver Restaurant & New Catering Company -The Modern Chef Catering

With Valentine’s Day arriving and Spring budding on the horizon, where does someone go for a romantic evening that is a little different? There are numerous restaurants in Vancouver that have a great following & wonderful reputation no argument there, but one in particular stood out during a recent night out with friends.

The New Bohemian is nestled in the heart of Kitsilano in a quiet neighborhood. The restaurant is a sexy, fun & inexpensive establishment run by a great staff & owners who have been in the Vancouver Scene for a long time. The Bohemian offers money saving specials most nights with the exception of Friday & Saturdays. Tuesday nights offer 25% off every bottle of wine listed on the menu. Such a great deal considering the wine is already a reasonable price. Monday night is 2 for one pizza which are delicious with an Italian thin crust. Stacey Pearson, one of the servers, was pleasant, fun & very professional and truly loves her job. Her respect for the owners & customers was very apparent. She does the restaurant proud!

The menu is “Mediterranean inspired; featuring authentic share plates such as Fresh Seafood Ceviche & Basque Sausage from Spain – Rich Homemade Pastas, Thin-Crust Pizza & Cheese Platters from Italy”

A few of the restaurant patrons ordered the Chocolate Fondue in their romantic corner which would be a perfect date idea! The room has a wonderful ambiance with a fireplace, DJ from 9pm-2am Thursday through Sunday, large 30 foot mingling bar great for Vancouver singles, comfortable booths, tables for two, and a cosmopolitan decor that is very inviting.

The Modern Chef Catering company is a new Vancouver based business run by two young Professional chefs well known in the downtown core. Travis McCord & Graham Marceau have received great feedback from their clients and are regularly in demand for the unique services they offer. Whether it is an intimate dinner for two, a Bridal Stag venue at Whistler, a Father’s Day cooking class, a Wedding in the Okanagan or Christmas party at Hycroft Mansion, these two entrepreneurs are getting a reputable name in B.C.

Their business name says it all “Modern”. They implement innovative menu items that are “not the norm” at many catering events. Their expertise is refreshing and their personalities add to this. They are a couple of characters which is one of the reasons why they receive regular standing ovations at their events. (Although it would probably embarrass them to read this, but it is true) Travis & Graham are down to earth & very approachable which makes menu planning with them a pleasant experience. They offer very reasonable rates which will suit most clients’ budgets.

They love a challenge and the bigger the better. Nothing is out of the question for these talented chefs. They are creative & will not disappoint new or returning clients. Word of mouth is what started their Vancouver Catering Business, one person tells one person and so on! With Valentine’s Day & The Oscars appearing soon on the calendar, both occasions would be a reason to hire these two personal chefs. There is nothing that they couldn’t do ~ there isn’t anything too big a challenge for The Modern Chef Catering!

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