5 Reasons To Love Being Single (With Matthew Hussey & Special Guest Lewis Howes)

Many people out there know I love Matthew Hussey and his viewpoint when it comes to all things relationships & dating. In this video he has a guest; Author Lewis Howes. Matthew seldom has people on his show but I enjoy it when he does!

In this video they discuss how to love being single and appreciating it when you are flying solo. I talk a lot about it in my own show and have done many blogs on this topic as well. You can never hear it enough as it can be a tough thing for people who are in a relationship transition or who have difficulty dating due to shyness or insecurities.

Learning how to enjoy being by yourself and be comfortable in your own skin will also bring you closer to finding love down the road. People enjoy being around others who are happy and confident. This type of energy is addictive and acts like a white light of encouragement. If you are doing the things that you love, you will exude a natural fearlessness and faith in yourself that you may not even realize you are presenting. This is a very attractive quality!

Learning what makes you happy and acting upon it regularly will always keep you in a great state of mind. Relying on a partner to make your life better is not the answer. Rely on yourself first and don’t expect someone to be the only source of your happiness.

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